Sunday, 21 December 2014

Bleurgh Beach is Open on New Moshi Monsters MAP

Did you know today there is new moshi monsters map namely Bleurgh Beach, you can found it by scroll you cursor on MAP to right corner side (on the edge of the map).

Bleurgh Beach is Open on New Moshi Monsters MAP

As the first tourist, you would ask me this ‘what the best part?’ There’s a beach house but currently status still ‘COMING SOON’..

Bleurgh Beach is Open on New Moshi Monsters MAP

Okay just forget it!! just go to right side you will see the castle game called QUICK! SAND!

QUICK! SAND! at Bleurgh Beach Moshi Monsters

In this game you must build your own customized sand castle (FREEPLAY) or challenged by time.

This beach remember me at super moshi mission 2 The Voyage Under Potion Ocean that Strangeglove is stealing fishies from the beach! Enlist the help of Captain Buck and discover Strangeglove’s evil plan. Do you still remember???

Amazing.. I feel relax with the sea breeze, the salty Potion Ocean very so beautiful!

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  • Joshh

    i have tried it it is gr8!

  • tyler flint


  • Amy

    yes it is quite cool. i wonder what will be the beach hut maybe a new shop?

  • ella

    i went to it it is rilly grat

  • http://virginmedia fudge2868

    I just want to go in that beach hut grrrrrr its making me angry :(

  • melissaloredo


  • melissaloredo

    its ssssssssssssssoooooooooo alsome

  • Random

    Do you think it could be a new game? I think so. Cause there can be more than two games on one street. And I think you should lower the price to be a Moshi member, and where do you pay to be a mohi member?

    • xxmelodyheartxx

      To be a moshi member you have to get a time card and enter the code on the back.You can get time cards at Walgreens that’s where i get my time card at and the are about $6.00.

  • Bec

    I saw that on the map

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