Saturday, 20 December 2014

Can us meet buster bumblechops on moshi monsters? right question. Buster Bumblechops is Monstro City own Moshling expert extraordinaire. You can only meet him if you’re a member. If you are a member you must do the Super Moshi Mission, where you get Lady Goo Goo Secret 2 Moshling (she’s no. #102) Inside the mission Buster Bumblechops will be there.

Buster Bumblechops Moshi Monsters

He is working on a BOOK that you’ll be able to buy in stores once it’s finished. You see, since he’s an expert Moshling collector, he’s going to share his Moshling collecting secrets with the world!

See your friends in London:

There is a moshling that can’t be found UNLESS you do something. Her name is Roxy and she is Ultra Rare. She looks like a diamond. If you are already on and you wanna find Roxy, here is how, first make an account. Go to and adopt a monster. If you already have one then don’t do this. After that, go to the secret code box and type in HOBBIDIDANCE. Or e-mail Then log in. Go to your garden and look in your bag. You should have a pink rose. It should be called Radiant Roxy Rose. Plant it and buy 2 other plants. Any plants. Then go back to your garden and and plant the Radiant Roxy Rose and the 2 other plants. After that day, go to your garden and you should see roxy! Good luck! Also you can get other moshlings too. If your monster’s health is bad then your plants will grow slowly. If you wanna know more about how to catch moshlings, then go to a book store or somewhere and find a book called Moshi Monsters/Moshling Collectors Guide. If you wanna have alot of moshling’s then become a member! it is $6.00 a month. (in some places) or you can go to Gamestop and buy a membership card. Then you can become a member free. If you are not a member, you can have more than 2. But only 2 will be in your room. If you are a member then you can still get more moshlings but 6 can go in your room. There are some Rare and Ultra Rare ones too. Roxy is hard to get so follow these steps.

You know that the experts say Buster Bumblechops get his name from meat..

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  • megan baker

    I already know how to get roxy and i have her all thanks to my friend macey she is a moshling god becuse she always gets moshlings nearly everyday and if you dont know who i am on moshi monsters well add me my name is supermegan3457 and my friend maceys moshi monsters name is macey1001

    • Iggy

      @megan baker: thanks. my monster is nenengjuwita

  • http://moshimosters oliviareenan

    dear buster , i was looking at the moshling collector`s guide. i would like to know the secret to get Roxy plese.



  • http://moshimonsters justin

    how do you get roxy

    • jeffery

      first go on your account and type in hobbidance[all capitals] in the secret code place then go to your garden and click on the bag and you will have a radiant roxy flower.pick two other random flowers and plant then with your radiant roxy flower and wait for a while[maybe one night]and you will have roxy

  • Iggy


    If you want get the roxy moshling just read my previous article

  • anakaroxy

    i got the book at my school book fair and i wold like to know how long did it take you to make the book?

  • anakaroxy

    p.s. my moshi monsters name in anakaroxy if you like to reply on my notes.

  • jeffery

    dear Buster,i do not have membership how do you get membership for free?by the way my user is megalodon7944 and my pass is traps

  • jabez

    hi how do u get roxy?
    ur cool mr moshi

    • http://moshimonsters Girlygirl19952

      type in HOBBIDIDANCE

  • http://moshimonsters girlygirl19952

    i would like to know how 2 get secret 3 &4


  • http://moshimonsters allie

    Buster Can U Help Me How To Get Rare Moshling Cuz I Dont Have Any Rare Ones Or Barley Any!!!

    • Iggy

      Rare moshlings need be premium member, because you can buy super seeds.

  • marquise

    how do u get roxy i want roxy as a moshling?

  • emilyhay

    I have got roxy how do I get other secret moshlings

    • Iggy

      I’ve wrote on moshlings cheats. Keep searching.

    • cute09445

      to get other moshlings is if u r a super moshi u get them on missons

  • trentpeeman12

    can u get roxy more then once ,i set her free by accident and want her back?!

    • skypiepoppet

      well try to get her again

  • skypiepoppet

    hi i love moshi monsters and ladygoogoo

  • http://moshimonsters marley

    canyougetroxyfor me!

  • http://moshimonsters marley

    i love roxy

  • seaanna

    hey mr.moshi you are soooooooooo collllllllll do you now that well i did so love seaanna ps nice moshlings i love you mr.moshi

    • Iggy

      welcome seaanna.

  • http://moshimonsters makenzie

    every time i tipe in the secret code,it says it is wrong or it has already been used.can you help me?please help me!

  • max

    hi I want to know how to get I.G.G.Y.!

    • Iggy

      You need to be a member and the flowers are: Purple Crazy Daisy x2 Black Moon Orchid.

  • Abbey

    I want to get all the secret Moshi Monsters.
    Can you help me?

  • http://moshimonsters emelia

    hey buster how in the world do you catch Roxy i just don’t know.P.S. I’m new and i spend HOURS!!!!! on moshi monsters with my monster(Diamond)

  • cute09445

    hey buster i have my own roxy.u are suppose to plant a rox flower,but the way u get it is to get the seeds in a random seed bag

  • http://moshimonsters Brittney

    Hi every one!If you ever want a moshling(pet),add me,my name is bdt10,and tell me by sending me a note that is a question for moshlings.:)

  • http://yahoo renee

    someone was on my game and deleted my roxy rose

  • william

    what are the name of the undomesticated

  • http://moshimonster william

    what are the name of the undomesticated please reply

    • Iggy

      What it is, where you found these word?

  • jeremy

    hey buster how do you find roxy

  • Lady Goo Goo

    How do I get Lady Goo Goo and Roxy?

    • Iggy

      Lady Goo Goo from Super Moshi at Volcano Mission.

      Roxy I have written about that, just keep searching in this blog.

      • lady goo goo

        which mission do you get lady goo goo?

        • Iggy

          Mission 1, You must find a stolen egg.

        • http://moshimonsters michael

          i got lady goo goo in mission 1

        • http://moshimonsters amber71478838

          mission one is how you get lady goo goo

  • ethancoombs

    can i have every moshling please?

    • Iggy

      Of course, You need Moshlings Collector Guides from moshi store.

  • emily/katie

    Dr.strangglove is terning moshlings in to glumps.