Friday, 19 December 2014

Can us meet buster bumblechops on moshi monsters? right question. Buster Bumblechops is Monstro City own Moshling expert extraordinaire. You can only meet him if you’re a member. If you are a member you must do the Super Moshi Mission, where you get Lady Goo Goo Secret 2 Moshling (she’s no. #102) Inside the mission Buster Bumblechops will be there.

Buster Bumblechops Moshi Monsters

He is working on a BOOK that you’ll be able to buy in stores once it’s finished. You see, since he’s an expert Moshling collector, he’s going to share his Moshling collecting secrets with the world!

See your friends in London:

There is a moshling that can’t be found UNLESS you do something. Her name is Roxy and she is Ultra Rare. She looks like a diamond. If you are already on and you wanna find Roxy, here is how, first make an account. Go to and adopt a monster. If you already have one then don’t do this. After that, go to the secret code box and type in HOBBIDIDANCE. Or e-mail Then log in. Go to your garden and look in your bag. You should have a pink rose. It should be called Radiant Roxy Rose. Plant it and buy 2 other plants. Any plants. Then go back to your garden and and plant the Radiant Roxy Rose and the 2 other plants. After that day, go to your garden and you should see roxy! Good luck! Also you can get other moshlings too. If your monster’s health is bad then your plants will grow slowly. If you wanna know more about how to catch moshlings, then go to a book store or somewhere and find a book called Moshi Monsters/Moshling Collectors Guide. If you wanna have alot of moshling’s then become a member! it is $6.00 a month. (in some places) or you can go to Gamestop and buy a membership card. Then you can become a member free. If you are not a member, you can have more than 2. But only 2 will be in your room. If you are a member then you can still get more moshlings but 6 can go in your room. There are some Rare and Ultra Rare ones too. Roxy is hard to get so follow these steps.

You know that the experts say Buster Bumblechops get his name from meat..

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  • simboob

    how do you get dustin beaver

  • shannon

    hi have a nice summer

    • shannon

      thank you

  • shannon

    hi was it hard to cach all the moshi monsters

  • Kereena

    Hi buster please can i have the code for Oddie please Thank you Your Sincerly Kereena Kaur Grewal

    • http://igotthisfromabookigot. chloe

      the code for oddie is:star blossom (purple} star blossom (black) and star blossom (yellow) .i think u have to be a member to get these seeds.=)

  • billy

    can u help me get roxy please

  • landiesrock

    hi buster pppppppppppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeeeee tel me how to get hiphop the radio hes my fave moshiling shared with umpa

  • finley

    i can not beleve there is some new moshlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • faith

      i can not wait to get hansel gingerboy!!!!!!!!!!i love moshlings

  • tally

    i cant wait until i get roxy!

  • sophie

    i love u buster bumblechops will u marry me and kiss me all day and all night i love u!!!!!!!

    • caelem

      no i will not

  • annaheaven-sparkle1


    • annaheaven-sparkle1


      HOW DO U GET I.G.G.Y


        easy black moon orchid ,crazydazy purple and a other crazy dazy in purple

    • annaheaven-sparkle1



      AND MAKE NEW MOSHLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Catherine (Cathtv)

    how do you get all the new moshlings PLEASE TELL ME


      you have to plant and put in codes and dont ask me for codes

  • caelem

    please could you send me aletter buster please any letter with your name

  • wane2

    dear Buster

    please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell me how to get wolly in my zoo

    P.S I LLLOOVVEE YOUR MOSHI GUIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • charlie

      need to be a member to do season 2 new moshi missions

  • http://pfuthy caitlin

    i like moshi monster buster

  • http://pfuthy caitlin

    hi buster

  • http://pfuthy caitlin

    i like green buster

  • charlie

    i need a second code to catch roxy because i got roxy when it was my first time but i deleted her because i found another moshling. please please help me =-)

  • http://greatbritain charlie

    I love moshi monsters because it has really fun missons and you get my faverote in one it is wurley and tingaling

  • http://greatbritain charlie

    hello my names gleemygoo (charlie) my best freind is leaving great britain into austraila for his mum and dad to get a better job. And he really like skylanders,moshi monsters and club peiguin and his name is thomas zeelie hopsy7 so if you want to make freinds brillant!!!

  • http://giftisland23 elyse

    yay new moshlings!

  • http://giftisland23 elyse

    so cool.

  • http://pfuthy caitlin

    hi buster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • http://pfuthy caitlin

    hi buster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like your hat and your backpcke and you and your face and your fur and roxy is fast oh yep and i love your wisel and you eres!!!!!!! i like it all! buster I LIKE YOU BUSTER AS A FRIEND!!!!!!!!!! BUSTER !!!!!!!! i love roxy she is cute magical fun shiney purpel and trust me purpel is a good color what it is a good color even for boy,s thats, why i like roxy and you as a friend!!!!! buster do you like me as a friend if you dont than reply me!

  • jake

    I now how to get a new secret moshling DJdude456

  • http://yahoo farai1234567899

    hi anusha its fari here how are you.

  • http://pfuthy caitlin

    i like coton candy

  • http://pfuthy caitlin


  • willam

    how do you get nipper ?

  • luvi123

    Hi buster bumblechops!
    It’s so cool that you no how to get every moshling on moshi monsters!
    You dont have to but if you can please tell me a code that works to get Dustbin Beaver,
    Nipper* or any other moshling like that!

    *About nipper, my sister has the ds game moshlings but she lost the code for nipper and my mum wont let me get the game :( please tell me how to get them soon!

  • luvi123

    Hi buster bumblechops!
    Please tell me how to get nipper, dustbin beaver or anyone else thanks.

    • frazer