Sunday, 21 December 2014

Design A Moshling Contest

Moshi monsters are now more interesting where you can create your own moshling as form your own imagination or it name. Nice opportunity Your moshling will enter at the Moshling Zoo and become famous at Monstro City, all your friends will know it. What it is? Mind Candy now open a Design A Moshling Contest! I hope you win… Moshi fans just have to send design to them, and the REAL Moshling will be made!

Design A Moshling Contest

How to enter moshling contest:

  • Make your creativity by draw, sketch, or paint your very own Moshling design. You can imagine anything,..up to you.
  • Make sure your Moshling has a name and tell moshi team the short detail/info about them! Moshling likes and dislikes, where they live, The sky’s the limit.
  • Ask for help from your parents to scan your image include description then send to  In the subject line write “Design A Moshling entry”, and save your picture as your Monster Owner name. For example Spookygirl’s entry, you give name spookygirl.jpg.

Entries must be submitted most late 16th February, 2012.

One lucky winner will perform on  as a real moshling. You’ll also see your fangtastic creation on the front cover of an upcoming issue of Moshi Monsters Magazine. Take this chance buddies! Make design, creativity and imagination NOW!

LATEST NEWS: Please visit Design a Moshling Contest 2013

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  • sasha

    whats up?

  • rileygeorgegill


  • sophie

    it said 2014 but when i whent on it said were closed from 2011

  • sophie

    i made a moshling by the name as pippylong arms as pippy longstocking

  • Fireninjaman

    how do u enter

  • rachel

    I was late but there is a new one for 2014 so we could enter that one plz

  • karina

    can anyone tell me how i can enter design a moshling

  • Ashleigh248

    I want to design my moshling but I don’t know how to :( :(