Monday, 22 December 2014

Draw and Coloring Moshlings Puppies : White Fang, McNulty, Scamp, and Fifi

Does anyone of you not like a little puppies? Hmm… I think, everyone will be interested for their cuteness. Their soft hair look like a cotton, with clean snowy color, sometimes very tempting to pet them, including in this online game. There are some moshling that have cuteness enough to be adopted to accompany your pet monster, especially come from puppies set, like White Fang, McNulty, Scamp, and Fifi.

Draw and Coloring White Fang Moshling

Draw and Coloring McNulty Moshling

Draw and Coloring Scamp Moshling

This time, we are not trying to attract those moshling in our garden, but more than that. We will create those moshling by drawing and coloring them. Could you imagine a white fang change the color into black? Or  Fifi hair change into pink? Or we can also draw and color them like the original. It must be very interesting.

To begin drawing your puppies moshling, there are several things we must be prepared first. First, for sketching we need clean paper, pencil or pen (pencil is more recommended), and the eraser. To make our moshling very look alike with the original one, then we must prepare a model whether it is a moshling White Fang, McNulty, Scamp, or Fifi pictures. If we are willing, we can draw all of them.Draw and Coloring Fifi Moshling

Try to make a sketch on the paper or you can simply copy on the printed puppies moshling model is up to you. However, it would be very interesting if we can draw by ourselves. Do not be a shame, we believe everyone of us can draw it better.

Once you’ve done with the sketch, you can start to coloring it. There are many option you can be used to color the moshling pictures. you may use crayons, watercolor, paints, or even a color pencil. Choose what you most like.

Actually, if you just wanna to coloring the moshling pictures, download and print the moshling sketch (like on the pictures above) within internet was the simple one. You just have to continue coloring it as your wish.

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  • isobel

    wow i think they are awsome but i know a secarate how you could make them better u hu

    • isobel

      that is cool you know you guys are amazing and i shouldn’t have wrote that you guys are really good at drwaing moshi monsters

  • jodie

    you guys are brilliant at drawing……. MOSHI MONSTERS MOSHI MONSTERS MOSHI MONSTERS MOSHI MONSTERS moshi monsters

    • isobel

      hi guys i know a way that can make you guys better at drawing moshi monsters

      • isobel

        sorry i shouldn’t have said that cause you guys are awsome at drawing moshi monsters

  • jodie

    u guys are grate

  • jean

    you pepole really got me into moshi monsters and guess what my fav moshling is white fang and i’ve got him in gold i think!