Friday, 19 December 2014

Fast Level Up on Moshi Monsters

Fast Level Up on Moshi MonstersHow do you level up really fast for your moshi monsters. is the most asked questions on google.  I play this game every day.  There are several alternatives that you can do to achieve it.  As an example I get Level 8 in 2 weeks, My Username is nenengjuwita

Some tutorials I have wrote before, you can follow that instructions.

This works best:

1. Get many points as you can from daily challenge at Puzzle Palace.

2. Do lots the Hall of Puzzles.

Do some puzzles everyday and you will level up in a couple days.

3. Buy a piece of Roarsberry Cheescake at Monstro City and feed it to your monster.

4. Dress up your monster

5. You need to have a good health and happiness (above 500). Besides feed your monster, buy them stuffs such as furniture, wall decor and flooring.

6. Make more friends by add me on

7. If you have a lot of Rox, buy new double house and change the style.

8. Use mopod codes to get free unique stuffs and secret Roxy moshling.

The 8 steps above are the most commonly used. Have other tips?  please comment.

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