Monday, 22 December 2014

Full Guide Super Moshi Season 2 Mission 4 “Big Top Ballyhoo”

Pocito is cute Sporties moshling with strong and super elasticky wrestling.. you will get him after complete this mission. The clue is just find 3 EPICS in this Super Moshi Season 2 Mission 4 Big Top Ballyhoo then you get bonus 500 Rox. I suggest you meet Dr. c. Fingz AKA Zoshlingo.

There are some strange goings on in the Big Top Roll up. Test your strength and save the day Super Moshi!

Captain squirk can sense one of his Zoshling crew members is at the circus. He not use space scanner and somebody stuck a poster for the circus on the spaceship’s window. Emm.. he also starving!! But the sandwich is missing from the galley.. so if you could catch the sandwich thief too, that’d be great.

Super Moshi Season 2 Mission 4 Big Top Ballyhoo

Take any items on the ground include Cherry Bomb Plushie EXPLOSIVE with POWER. When all is complete just keep out by click a glove ‘HALT’. The tutorial video below will explain anything:

In this place meet moshling Pocito The mini mangler.

Moshling Pocito The mini mangler

I think the sandwich looks out of this world..
You know that Pocito Moshling have access the to the main tent to shoot out of the cannon of fire setting the skies ablaze with awe, but first he have always wanted one of those Cherry Bomb Plushies from Fun Fair Shop..

Next, go to FUNFAIR then take moneys on the ground to buy a real cherry bomb. Give Circus Ticket to a clown head. Let’s see what happens!! Next directions just see video above to complete this mission. okay

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