Monday, 22 December 2014

How to Chat on Moshi Monsters with Other People / Friends on Pinboards

As social virtual pet games community we can discuss and chat with other people or friends on moshi monsters by send message at pinboards (notice board) at moshi room. Or you can also enter to forum for join current topics disscusion (only moshi member).

First go to someone room then click notice board / pinboard:

Moshi Monsters Pinboards

Then click ‘Add Message!’ button, so write your message and Post.

Chat on Moshi Monsters

Notifications will be sent to friend’s pinboard, and waiting for Approve or Accept it so your message could appear on their pinboard. You can also reply every incoming messages from your notice board.

Chat on Moshi Monsters on pinboards

In another way you can chat on moshi monsters by the forums. See top menu the click Forum! icon or

Browse through the current topics of discussion on the forum. Click on a topic to read the forum post. Click “Post” to reply to a post. Write your post and click “Post.” What you wrote is now visible to others who can read and respond to what you said.

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  • kian

    i am on this moshi monsters my moshi monster name is ftorres123 add me!!!

    • caitlin

      how old are you

  • caitlin

    hello maddy it is me caitlin

    • shanicex

      hi caitlin polish name

  • shanicex

    i am 8 years old lol only joking im 12 xx

  • http://thanks ray


  • caitlin

    i have a brother called terry he wants to be your friend

  • Madison

    People actually do TALK o moshi monsters.
    THey say stuff like,
    Theres no owner like mine, or
    You look familiar.:(

  • http://66365688 sara

    mmmmm algien co kien pueda ablar ponga 16

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  • سماح