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How to Draw Diavlo

How to Draw Diavlo Moshi Monsters Step by Step


How to Draw Diavlo

Lightly sketch a circle, and then the odd shape above it. We are going to use these as guides so they don’t need to be perfect.

How to Draw Diavlo


How to Draw Diavlo

Use the guides to help draw the outline of Diavlo’s body, using a zig-zag for the crater.

Now you can erase the guides.


How to Draw Diavlo

How to Draw Diavlo

Even though Diavlo are full of hot air, they still need wings to keep themselves flying in the right direction!
You can also add the inside of the crater now.


How to Draw Diavlo

Diavlo has short arms. These aren’t hard to draw, but take your time with the hands, they can be tricky! Just like the horns, one arm is in front of the body while the other is behind.

Draw the feet by following the steps below.

How to Draw Diavlo


How to Draw Diavlo

Draw two circle for the eyes. Note where they sit on the face – How far are they to each other? Do your best to make them an equal size.

For the highlight, leave a blank semicircle in the iris (the colored part of the eye), and the pupil. This makes the eye look shiny and alive.

Now draw the eye lashes.


How to Draw Diavlo

All you need to do now is add cheeks by drawing two ovals, and the mouth.

Start with the outline of the mouth (which curves up at the edges kind of like a sausage!) then add the fangs and tongue.

That’s it! Your Diavlo is done!

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