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How to Draw Katsuma

How to Draw Katsuma Moshi Monsters Step by Step


Start by lightly sketching three circles (the gray lines). These don’t need to be perfect since they are just guides.

How to Draw Katsuma

Use the guides to help draw the outline of katsuma’s head.

Once you have the outline drawn you can add the fringe and the fur pattern.

How to Draw Katsuma


Lightly sketch an oval guide for Katsuma’s tummy (the gray line). You can then add fur pattern.

How to Draw Katsuma

Add the arms, notice that katsuma’s right arm overlaps his tummy while his left arm is behind it.


How to Draw Katsuma

Start with the right foot since it’s in front of the tummy. It has a triangular shape but curves out at the sides.

How to Draw Katsuma

Now draw the lines for the tummy.

Then the left foot using the steps below.

How to Draw Katsuma


How to Draw Katsuma

Draw the tail by using the steps below.

How to Draw Katsuma


Lightly sketch two circles as guides, then connect them to the head. Notice that the ears are thick at the top and thin at the bottom.

How to Draw Katsuma

Once you have the outline drawn you can erase the guides, and draw the pattern of the fur.


Lightly sketch two circle for the eyes. Note where they sit on the face do your best to make them an equal size.

How to Draw Katsuma

Add the iris (the colored part of the eye) and the pupil. Leave a semicircle blank in these for the highlight – this makes the eyes look shiny and alive.

The eyelid curves up,then around and down, becoming thicker as it goes.

How to Draw Katsuma


How to Draw Katsuma

Draw an oval for the nose. The mouth has lots of detail but it’s easy to draw when broken down.

How to Draw Katsuma

All you need to do now is add the muzzle and you’re done!

How to Draw Katsuma

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