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How to Draw Luvli

How to Draw Luvli Moshi Monsters Step by Step


How to Draw Luvli

To begin with, we are going to lightly sketch out the basic shape of Luvli. This is just a guide to help us out, so it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Lightly sketch two overlapping circles (grey lines), then draw the outline of Luvli which is kind of like a cherry.


How to Draw Luvli

Wings can be complicated but if we break it down they are dead easy.

  1. Start by lightly drawing an oval shape as a guide.
  2. Add the outline of the wing.
  3. Draw two lines for the big feathers.
  4. Finally draw two “C” shapes for the little feathers.

How to Draw Luvli


How to Draw Luvli

Since the legs are in front of the boots we start with them first.

Draw an oval for the outline of each boot – if you look carefully you can see that the boot flattens out at the bottom.

All thats left is to add a line for the sole of the shoe.


How to Draw Luvli

Luvli’s wand is tricky to draw because it loops in on itself, so we are going to break it down in to simple steps just like the wings.

How to Draw Luvli


How to Draw Luvli

Draw two circles for the eyes, note where they sit on the face – How close are they to each other? Do your best to make them an equal size.

Add the iris (the colored part of the eye) and pupil next. Leave a semicircle blank in these parts for the highlight – This makes the eyes look shiny and alive.

All thats left is to add lots of Luvli lashes!


How to Draw Luvli

Draw the outline of Luvli’s lips first, then draw inside this to complete the mouth. Draw a semicircle for her tounge, and two ovals for her cheeks.


How to Draw Luvli

You’re almost done, all that’s left is to add some magical sparkles to Luvli’s wand!

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