Saturday, 20 December 2014

How To get Blingo on Moshi Monsters

Many of my friends who asked via this blog comment about how to get moshling Blingo. I tried searching on internet and found the code for Moshling Blingo #103. I hope it works, if you have any other ideas please discuss it via the comment box below.

How To get Blingo on Moshi Monsters

1. Use mopod code H6FJNA9D8Y9W when you sign in to your moshi account

2. After login go to your Garden and look in your inventory

3. You should see a hiphopbugus flower, plant it with 2 other random flowers.

4. Back again to your garden later after 6 hours and you should have Blingo. Click  ’keep it’ and you should have Blingo in your Moshling Zoo.



Why the above code is not working again??

Answer: I got info from admin at

Hi there,

To attract Blingo, you need to enter a secret code when logging in, which can be found when you purchase ‘Buster’s Lost Moshling Book‘.

Please be aware this secret code is UNIQUE & can only be used once.

Therefore, if you share the code with your friend & you haven’t used it, you’ll not be able to.
We also cannot provide replacement codes.

If you’ve redeemed a code successfully, check out your garden seed bag & plant the seed with 2 others to attract the moshling.
All the best,

Well, now you know the problem clearly.

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  • http://moshimonsters Amelia

    I think that Moshi monsters is very good and think that you should get the Moshlings collectors guide!

  • http://moshimonsters truth

    the code ran out on the 1st of july but that code is the real one!!!!

  • http://moshimonsters truth

    so dont think she is lying

  • luisa

    the code did`nt work

  • abbi

    i know the coad its babsboutique23
    hope this helped ps i am “silly” on moshi monsters

  • W T F mom

    this does not work it does not work its is a fake it doesnt friken WORK ;(

  • http://Google Jessica

    How ya get face and I try it last week he’s brill thx

  • tomtom90000

    i got blingo ages ago its hip hop hibiscus and 2 other flowers (except rox flowers) but i didnt get rox flowers when i planted seeds for him!!!

  • tomtom90000

    it does work wtf mom u must of typed it in wrong try again!

  • http://jgjsba jordan

    why won’t it WOOOORRRK!!!
    add me as a friend as jordaz012345

  • JammyDodger9


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