Thursday, 18 December 2014

How to Get Dustbin Beaver Moshi Monsters

Many asked to me through comments to look for Dustbin Beaver Moshling code. From where comes that name? I am sure this is adopted from the teen artist on the rise right now is Justin Bieber with a distinctive haircut bangs.

You can compare these Dustbin Beaver Poster with the his original photo.

How to Get Dustbin Beaver Moshi Monsters

Justin Bieber Photo on Moshi Monsters

To collect these exclusive poster use the mopod code: GIFTISLAND23

Go to the sign in page. Typing in your login information and then type in the ‘Secret Code’ box.

How to Get Dustbin Beaver Moshi Monsters

So, what about Dustbin Beaver moshling on moshi monsters?

To Attract Dustbin Beaver moshling, only become a Moshi Magazine subscriber, then you will get a single use code for Trashy Tulip seed sent via your email NOT inside the magazine. Just check at moshimag site to see the price may be a discount.

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  • michaela

    add me as magicpuppy34 and im a member so if you add me i will send you all the gifts and alot of 2000 rox codes here are some codes
    and andget300guickly ps get300quickly is a code

  • Gianna

    what seeds do i need to get Dustin Biever?????