Sunday, 21 December 2014

How to Get Dustbin Beaver Moshi Monsters

Many asked to me through comments to look for Dustbin Beaver Moshling code. From where comes that name? I am sure this is adopted from the teen artist on the rise right now is Justin Bieber with a distinctive haircut bangs.

You can compare these Dustbin Beaver Poster with the his original photo.

How to Get Dustbin Beaver Moshi Monsters

Justin Bieber Photo on Moshi Monsters

To collect these exclusive poster use the mopod code: GIFTISLAND23

Go to the sign in page. Typing in your login information and then type in the ‘Secret Code’ box.

How to Get Dustbin Beaver Moshi Monsters

So, what about Dustbin Beaver moshling on moshi monsters?

To Attract Dustbin Beaver moshling, only become a Moshi Magazine subscriber, then you will get a single use code for Trashy Tulip seed sent via your email NOT inside the magazine. Just check at moshimag site to see the price may be a discount.

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  • http://simplea charlotte

    this actually works

    • Iggy

      @charlotte: of course this 100% works

  • livi

    what do mean this works this website does not tell u anything on how to get Dustbin beaver the moshling on moshi monsters he is already out in the moshling zoo in moshi monsters

  • http://ds wished

    it fantastic i got almost all of the pictures on moshi monsters can you do it agai NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • http://Moshimonster aidanmac04


  • killer


  • killer

    @aid its GIFTISLAND23

  • Hotguy1025

    I just got the DUSTBIN BEAVER poster (in your face Justin Bieber!) and it’s awesome! :D

  • Koolies♥

    Thanks sooooo much u helped loadss!!! How do u get lady goo goo?!

  • to Koolies.
    u have 2 b a member 2 get lady goo goo. u complete the 1st super moshi mission and then get lady goo goo…i’m so glad i’m a member!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    add me! i’m lilianwang

    • Iggy

      @lilianwang: My username is nenengjuwita

  • http://lol connie

    dustbin beaver doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kiz

    it doesn’t work :( grrr

  • furi

    justin beiber which is why that moshling is awsome}-)

  • sapphire2b

    works4me! thx. btw, i’m (surprise surprise) sappire2b on moshi. i hv the code for blingo: H6FJNA9D8Y9W. add me!

  • arran crichton

    it is shoking they created him so they can tell us have anything to say to that hummm eeehhh no so seee.

  • fart0106

    dustbin beaver and justin beiber are both the same.:D
    get it justin beiber is dustbin beaver:D;D:Dolololol

  • ushalie

    i love justin bebber so much aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  • savrocks2001 Willo


  • Spanicus

    @savrocks2001 Willo, to get Blingo you have to buy the Moshi book “Buster’s Lost Moshlings”. It has a code at the back of it that can only be used once (which is why none of the codes you will be given by others will work as thry have already been used). You can get the book for £5.00 from Amazon (but make sure you buy a new one not a used one or the code might not work).

  • zakir

    blingo: rwl5854306w0

  • http://moshimonsters audrey5183

    yo just tell us the way to get dustbin beaver dont worry about blingo or lady goo goo

  • http://howtogetdustbinweaver ellamay

    no one knows yet because he’s not out yet

  • http://howtogetdustbinweaver ellamay

    someone said to me today how do u get thingy so and so and they also said that when is he out and i said :( i don’t know

  • http://howtogetdustbinweaver ellamay

    but i do know that :) roary scrawl is disscussing when to let dustbin beaver out

  • http://moshimonstersforum ellis

    how do you get dustbin beaver

  • khddgygyd

    how do u get himmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • http://mosh haywsbdheedbneuf

    i really want da moshling dustbin beaver vhjbun jk.trhnyi



  • http://moshimonsters Abbie

    I already have it so well lol i hate justin bieber and want millions more seeing as it is making fun of him he is an ugly brat and none of my friends like him and they ALL love jls . Me and my friend Lily liked jls first

  • http://moshimonsters Abbie


  • http://moshimonsters Abbie