Monday, 22 December 2014

How to Get Dustbin Beaver Moshi Monsters

Many asked to me through comments to look for Dustbin Beaver Moshling code. From where comes that name? I am sure this is adopted from the teen artist on the rise right now is Justin Bieber with a distinctive haircut bangs.

You can compare these Dustbin Beaver Poster with the his original photo.

How to Get Dustbin Beaver Moshi Monsters

Justin Bieber Photo on Moshi Monsters

To collect these exclusive poster use the mopod code: GIFTISLAND23

Go to the sign in page. Typing in your login information and then type in the ‘Secret Code’ box.

How to Get Dustbin Beaver Moshi Monsters

So, what about Dustbin Beaver moshling on moshi monsters?

To Attract Dustbin Beaver moshling, only become a Moshi Magazine subscriber, then you will get a single use code for Trashy Tulip seed sent via your email NOT inside the magazine. Just check at moshimag site to see the price may be a discount.

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  • Jack baichtal

    I love underground disco!!!!!!

  • Jack baichtal

    I’m obsessed with this game…………

    • Alexa

      to get dustbin beaver you have to subscribe to the moshling magazine and then they give u a code for it look up moshi monster magazine and it says on it that u get the code for him so yeah friend me christiana605

      • wiremu

        wat is the code thow

        • a certan stranger

          u can only use it once, duh!

          • a certan stranger

            lol ust joking no duhs to anyone lol

          • a certan stranger

            its NOT 6:08 AM ITS 4:10 PM

        • sam

          the code for dustbin biever is


  • susanet

    okey, what about taylor swift on moshi monsters?
    but.. her name can be Maylor Mowift?? or some thing..

    • Gazza

      There is already a Taylor Swift on Moshi Monsters. Go to the Underground Disco, she’s called Taylor Miffed.

  • natasha

    i cant see the code its too small

    • iluvbriana1

      the code was giftisland23

  • Abigail Sarah BENN

    That code for dustin beaver i have wanted for months and then i will have have the whole set. I cant see the code can anyone else see it?

    • brayon

      yes i can its GIFTISLAND23

    • isaac



      • Aksel

        Try pink apple yellow star and red crazy!

    • KESIA


  • http://http//Ein erinmay4420


  • Bec

    Taylor swift already got a moshi celebrity name :Taylor mwift

  • isabelle

    if u cant see the code just press ctrl under both shift keys. the + button will make you zoom in is as well as the – button will make you zoom out

  • Jade

    incase you can’t see, the code is GIFTISLAND23 add me on moshi monsters my name is soppy51 and if you add me as a fave i’ll give you a 300 rox code! and a 1000 rox code if you do!

    • braydon

      i’ll add you as a friend and fav

    • grace

      i’ll make you my best friend on moshi monsters Jade my name on moshi monsters is grace13526

  • xavierpang

    what’s the cheat to get dustbinbeaver

  • braydon

    yes it’s GIFTISLAND23

    • Veronica

      Thats for the poster

  • ella

    its totally brilliant

  • http://robneco moshi fan

    another direction! is what i made up!!!!!!

  • http://IDK Rebecca E

    Apparanetly you need to suscribe a code from a magazine… but for the poster it is: [ GIFTISLAND23 ]

  • http://nipper burniethedragon2002

    I NEED THE CODE FOR Nipper and Dustbin beaver!

  • burniethedragon2002

    My moshi monsters user is burniethedragon2002 ADD ME!

  • naraya

    addme naraya89 if you addme i will gift you roxy blingo 1000 rox code and time card code

  • iluvbriana1

    look i thought u meant the dustbin beaver code as a MOSHLING! i already know ALL the codes for the moshlings, rox, and items and everything! except THE DUSTBIN BEAVER CODE MOSHLING! so if any of u people know how 2 get the dustbin beaver moshling im all eyes on u so log on to and add me on iluvbriana1 and if u know the dustbin beaver code tell me pleasssssssssseeeee!!!!!!

    • alicia1872

      it is GIRTISLAND29

    • ellen

      then how do you get boomer

  • Sarah B

    the poster is giftisland23,
    add me my name is sarahbell202 and ill give you exclusive codes for rare items!!!

  • http://hygiene rebecca

    If u write down GIFTISLAND23 it gives u just a poster I did it once and it just gave me poster…..

  • danny odonnel

    hi dustin

  • http://felicia_37900941 Felicia

    add me my username is felicia_37900941 i am a member i will give you as many codes as you want

    • Kaiy

      ok your so kind

    • Kaiy

      ok your so kind

  • Jacob

    What code is needed to get the Dustin Beaver seed code.

  • amber

    heres some codes

  • rose


    • ellen

      how do you get boomer i really need to know now like right know so can you please tell me its urgent

  • sky-marie

    i wanted to now how to get him not the poster of him

  • transz

    now i have roxy! my name is marian3443

  • robin

    i bought the magazine so how do i get the code

  • Jessica

    do u guys know any codes (not seeds)
    i have 3 accounts. My account names are iluvollie20048, 1234moshirock and patricklovesme.
    Here is a pic of my dog:

  • jadeswheeler9

    add me jadeswheeler9