Saturday, 20 December 2014

How to Get Lummox Moshling

Lummox Moshling on Moshi Monsters comes from species Humongous Hogsnorter in the Sporties category. His from adopted from a bull which has two blue horns, brown hair, a heart tattoo, spike bands and a peice of teared cloth around his waist.

Lummox Moshling on Moshi Monsters

Why Lummox has a good muscle? because he always spend times by pumping iron (well ok lifting little tins of gloop soup). I heard from Buster Bumblechops he likes buff beefcakes also limericks and rainbows but dislikes gold paint and breakfast cereal. His gym near Bleurgh Beach.

Lummox #118 Moshling will featured in the Series 7 Moshling Figures which available from July 26th in the United Kingdom.

Lummox in Series 7 Moshling Figures

How to Get Lummox Moshling on Moshi Monsters

He is an unreleased moshling, you need to be patient. Sure I’ll give you the latest update info here when it released in Moshling Zoo, alright!!

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