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How to Get Roxy Moshling on Moshi Monsters

How to Get Roxy Moshling on Moshi MonstersRoxy is the secret moshling, she was not on the list of 48 moshlings but to get her very easily. She likes Vinegar baths and buffing machines but do not for magpies and fingerprints.


Deep beneath the Twinkly-Dink mines lays a rich seam of Rox. But Precious Prisms don’t hang out there. It’s too obvious! These super Ultra Rare Moshlings are so priceless they’re scared to lay a finger on anything (including themselves!) in case they leave smudges, hence the silly white gloves. Crazier still, they often shatter into squillions of pieces. Handle with care!

To get Roxy:

1. If you are sign in just log out then input mopod code HOBBIDIDANCE on arby box, then sign in back

How to Get Roxy Moshling on Moshi Monsters

2. Go to your moshling garden, open your bag there is ULTRA Rare flower called Radiant Roxy Rose.

3. Buy any 2 flowers (up to you) in The Seed Shop

4. Plant your 3 seeds! come back again to your garden about 6 – 7 hours until flowers grow.

5. Done.. you get ROXY moshling.

How to Get Roxy Moshling on Moshi Monsters

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  • eve


  • ellie12345823

    i am really sad cause i an’t i member

    • http://moshimonsters sunny

      you dont have to be first you type the code and bye 2 any other seeds.

      • keeley

        it wont let me do the code for roxy xxxsad whaaaaa

        • Dylan

          the code is HOBBIDIDANCE

    • lucy123321

      u dont need to be a member

      • Tijana

        gfbgcgbghghhy poo face
        chicken legs
        cheese face

    • Tijana

      In your face Ellie

  • morgan

    how do you get ting-a-ling and dustbin beaver

    • Amy

      i know how to get tingaling and dustbin beaver! to get dustbin beaver you have to subscribe to moshimagazine and you get a code sent to you by email IT IS A ONE USE CODE SO DON’T TELL ANYONE ELSE BEFORE YOU USE IT!! Do you have a different code for the roxy flower because apparently if you plant the correct seeds with a roxy flower then you will also get dustbin beaver. I DON’T KNOW IF THAT RUMOUR IS TRUE THOUGH! to get tingaling you have to buy a moshi monsters teddy and there will be a code for golden love berries you then plant them with other seeds.

      • payton

        i couldnt get the code for tingaling

      • ely

        hey,were do u go to moshi magazine?

      • lara

        lie u cant get it cos she’s not releasesd do there :P

      • Sara

        Hey Amy, I don’t have a chance to go shopping, my mom goes alone, so can you pm me a non-used code on moshi monsters? My name on it is sarasleep

        • Amy0000


  • Hannah

    I got her even though i’m not a member!!!

    • lara

      u dont have to be a member

  • kiera

    i typed in HOBBIDIDANCE and it will say code is either incorrect or has already been used

    please can you help me
    KIKIFERRIE88 xxx

    • payton

      kiera you didnt use it more than one time right



  • http://jedra kamilla


  • holly moore /sonia stojadinovich

    she is awsome


    does anyone know how to get tingaling, if you put it in the zoo surely you know how to get it.if you cant do it you mise well not put it on there then should you you call it moshi monsters i call it GEEKY MONSTERS!



    • fred

      can i have it

    • olivia wilkinson

      please can i have it because my mum and dad say it too exspencive and how long is it for ?

  • hannah

    do u have 2 be a member

    • hannah

      hi what r u up 2

  • Kia Hobson (kia2482) my moshling name

    i think it works because i got the seed now need to wait 6-7 hrs now ! :(

  • finley


  • fred

    i know how to get dustbin beaver and roxy and iggy and ladygoogoo and all the worldies

    • lara

      lady goo goo is a moshi mission

    • hailey

      how do u get dustbin biever

  • IZZY S.


    • ummm

      umm bonjor hi

  • http://4oiyru5hth hellooooj


  • wahtup


  • Lara

    do u have the code for tingaling, dustbin beiver, nipper, blingo

  • Maureen

    Thank you I love Roxy

  • jacob

    i need the code for dustbin beaver

  • dylan

    it won let me

  • http://hellokitty eloiseheatherjones

    that is so cool do it

  • http://yahoo louise

    do you know how to get dusit bever

  • Aliffa

    I know how to get Blingo and Roxy! I know their secret codes how to get them so here is the secret codes:
    Blingo: DJDUDE456

  • bethany

    how do you get roxy the secret moshling and where can you find her hidding.

  • http://moshhan martin

    rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks man

  • http://Erin Erin

    Please give me the spicail flower!And I hope Im talking to a moshling killer?!

    • Charlie (a girl)

      what moshi kkkkiller

  • blackberrylady432109

    Iam so sad i’m not a memb stop making me cry i wish you could play a game on moshi monsters then when you get to levele 10 your a memb. because i don’t like paying money so who’s with me and just send back

  • Bec

    Angela* yes

  • Bec

    Got roxy

  • Jack baichtal

    Thanks but on moshi monsters I only have 8 rox!