Thursday, 18 December 2014

Keep Out Door Available at DIY Shop

Are you looking for “Keep Out Door”? Recently this door was searched out by many Monstro City Monster. Yeah… it sound fair enough, due to this door has a good design and an excellent look. But did you ever know that “Keep Out Door” was designed by Flameboy3661 with the aim for keeping the Monster out. And now, has been available at Dewy’s DIY shop.

Keep Out Door Available at DIY Shop

DIY shop or Do It Yourself shop is a home improvement shop in Moshi Monster. Currently this shop is owned by Dewy, the uncleanliness red monster. DIY shop can be easily identified, because of even it is a home improvement shop that sell various different windows, Doors, building blocks, wallpapers and floors and other items that can be built by you, however this shop appearance was not so convincing. A mess roof, broken windows and Messy shopkeeper appearance make it perfectly messy look. And the most easily recognizable feature was the purple smoke that always come out from its chemney.

But where else we can find those things for our home except in DIY shop, including the “Keep Out Door”. To find DIY shop is not to difficult and all Monster whether you are a member or not, were welcome to buy some goods at this Shop.

O get there, when you are walking on the main street in Monstro City, just walking straight to the east untill you find the intersections right before the Bizzare Bazaar. If you continue to the east you will be heading to The Daily Growl. The correct path to DIY Shop is you must turn left into the Sludge Street. Soon after, you will see DIY shop. It is between the game starcard and Horrods.

Keep Out Door Available at DIY Shop

Once you enter that shop, the uniquely messy appearance from the shopkeeper will welcome you. Yup, He is the shopkeeper as well as the owner of DIY shop. If you are looking for the “Keep Out Door”, you can get it here by 66 Rox with level 5 required.

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