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Moshi Cupcakes Cheats Codes in Candy Cane Caves

Now, moshi monsters open the Candy Cane Caves is home to Sweet Tooth. To enter it, follow the bottom of monstro city MAP. Go on until arriving at a Cupcake Cavern.

Candy Cane Caves at Moshi Monsters

In Moshi Cupcakes game, play it better.. you will act as a chef to make cupcakes to attract all the Moshlings.

Follow this steps:

- Drag ingredients into the bowl, those on the right are optional.

Make Moshi Cupcakes in Candy Cane Caves

- Grab the spoon when you’re ready to mix then mix everything in the bowl. Turn in a circle until all the dough flat.

- Sweet!! Now you need to fill every cup with the mix. Try not to splat too much!

Make Moshi Cupcakes in Candy Cane Caves

- Perfect!! wait a second. Now decorate your cupcake.

- Pick a colour and click an icing type, do not forget drag and drop toppings on the icing. You can move already placed toppings around.

Make Moshi Cupcakes in Candy Cane Caves

- Ooooh! which moshling will like my cupcake?

- I get Iggy!!

Make Moshi Cupcakes in Candy Cane Caves

As far as I know the Moshlings that can be attracted in this game are; Chop Chop, Squidge, Ecto, Dipsy, Jeepers, White Fang, Sooki-Yaki, Tiki, General Fuzuki, Shelby, DJ Quack, IGGY, Liberty, Mr. Snoodle and McNulty.

Moshi Monsters Candy Cane Caves cheats codes:

Chop Chop
-Cake: Chocolate
-Icing: Medium Swirl Green
-Toppings: 1 Sludge Fudge

-Cake: Plain
-Icing: Big Swirl White
-Toppings: 4 Slopcorn, 2 Cherry, 1 Star Candy

-Cake: Chocolate and Orange
-Icing: Big Swirl Brown
-Toppings: 2 Sludge Fudge, 1 Chocolate Chip

-Cake: Vanilla and Chocolate
-Icing: Thin Splat White
-Toppings: 1 Barfmellow

-Cake: Plain
-Icing: Big Swirl White
-Toppings: 4 Star Candy, 3 Sludge Fudge

-Cake: Plain
-Icing: None
-Toppings: None

-Cake: Chocolate and Vanilla
-Icing: Medium Swirl Pink
-Toppings: None

General Fuzuki
-Cake: Chocolate
-Icing: Big Swirl Green
-Toppings: 1 Chocolate Chip

-Cake: Vanilla
-Icing: Thin Splat Blue
-Toppings: 1 Cherry

DJ Quack
-Cake: Orange
-Icing: Big Swirl Pink
-Toppings: 3 Scummi Worm

-Cake: Plain
-Icing: Big Swirl Green
-Toppings: 4 Sludge Fudge

-Cake: Chocolate
-Icing: Big Swirl Pink
-Toppings: 4 Star Candy

-Cake: Vanilla
-Icing: Thin Splat Brown
-Toppings: 2 Scummi Worm, 1 Cherry

White Fang
-Cake: Vanilla
-Icing: Big Swirl Brown
-Toppings: 1 Cherry, 1 Slopcorn, 1 Star Candy, 1 Sludge Fudge, 1 Scummi Worm, 1 Chocolate Chip, 1 Barfmellow, 1 Nut

Mr Snoodle
-Cake: Vanilla and Orange
-Icing: Thin Splat White
-Toppings: 6 Cherry

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  • sophie

    you always get mr snooodle and the chinese characherter

    • lyndsey oxley

      the chinesse carecttore is Sooki Yaki Oh and by the way add me my name is lyndseyoxley

  • does my name go here?

    i cant get shelby or jeepers i keep getting general fuzuki whenever i use green icing

    • rafa

      idoit green refresh

  • http://hihi coolgame

    Chp chop and shelby both are for shelby

    • http://kylerforever123 laylah

      thanks for being captin ovious
      you need to spell right

    • caity

      use all ingredients big swirl pink barfmallow nut choclate chip star candy cherry sludge fudge slopcorn 1x allof them

      • lexie

        i love snookums!!!!!!

  • sammi

    I got them all!! thank you so much for the cheats

  • cupcake

    to get shelby use general fuzuki recipe

    • http://kylerforever123 laylah


      • Emily

        Laylah Honestly, your being a jerk…… you need to stop correcting everyone… its annoying ! and that comment you made about being “captain ovious” YOU need to spell right its “CAPTAIN OBVIOUS” If you’re gonna be a Troll or Just a Jerk, Spell stuff right! -Emily<3

        • Tori

          IKR Shes So Annoying SHE thinks shes captain SMARTY PANTS WHAT A BICH >:(

  • oh yeah

    Thanks! they all work!

    • http://kylerforever123 laylah

      oh no they didnt OH YEAH

  • lilly


  • hi

    chop chop never works! it just comes up with shelby!!!!! :(

    • faris

      your right

    • andre

      the cheat is 3 sludge fudges 3 chocolate chips and 3 nuts

      • kiara

        your one works for chop chop

  • Bec

    I tried chopchop didn’t get him

    • anonymous

      they all work duh

  • Shellgurl

    do you get a prize if u bake something all moshlings?

    • http://kylerforever123 laylah

      No you get 5 stars for baking

  • http://kylerforever123 laylah

    you said that we would get chopchop when we had choclate cupcake and med. green icing with one sludge fudge!!!!!!!!!
    and we got SHELBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you people need to get your facts strait morons.

    • Emily

      Laylah, its me again! its “STRAIGHT” NO “STRAIT”

  • http://fvar bogbjh

    i got all of them lol

    • kara

      which one is the sludge fudge??

  • aimee

    oh yeah also you can do general fuzuki but the decor as loads of cherries, and a flat ummmmm….. i think it’s green or sumthing theatll work too

  • im not telling you

    if you didnt get chop chop right the first time this is what you do

    cake: chocolate
    icing:big brown swirl
    toppings:1 sludge fuge,1 chocolate chip,1 nut

    • iggy

      thanks alot i could NOT get chop chop thanks to you i did!! lol

    • i aint tellin!

      thanks! ur right! chop chop never works. it comes up with shelby

    • Anonymous


  • Scrampet



    • sabrina

      the cheat to get chop chop maybe work

  • jazmin

    you must be doing it wrong it worked for me!!! XXXX

  • http://australia alisha


  • Alice

    Oi, stop your critising and do really random stuff for the ones you can’t get cause, chopchop was my first one. Althogh I can’t recall the recipe…

  • blah

    i got all of them thanks

  • iggy

    i got all of them and i got five stars !! yay meee lol

  • Jennifer

    Chop chop is:
    Cake: Chocolate
    Icing: Big Swirl Green
    Toppings: 1 Chocolate Chip, 2 nuts, 2 star candies, 2 cherries, 1 slopcorn (Make it like a human face)

  • stephanie

    some of these things on this website dont work, like the moshlings, to get chop chop, use chocolate and nuts, it works, trust me.

  • Kasperkandindsky

    If you do the chop chop recipie it comes up with shelby but all of the other codes are good. Please add me on moshimonsters my name is Kasperkandindky
    LOL xxxxxxxx

  • Kasperkandindsky


  • Ayush

    Heres some of the cupcakes you can make (this is a cheat by getting different moshlings) If you get all the moshlings, you will get a moshling! Heres some:

    Add all the stuff on the right side and then start mixing. Then, put your mixture in the cupcake holders, wait for it to go DING when its cooked. Then put on the medium sized icing on the cupcake and make the icing color green. Put a cherry at the very top of the cupcake and put 6 marshmellows on., after that, press done. You have cooked a cupcake for General Fuzuki!

    Add all the stuff on the right and add on the left with it cocoa. Then start mixing, put your mixture in the cupcake holders and then wait for it to cook. When you hear a DING its ready. Put the small sized icing on the cupcake and make the color of the icing blue. Put a star on the left and the right. Then, put a cherry in the middle of them. Press done. You have cooked a cupcake for I.G.G.Y!

    Add all the stuff on the right and the orange on the left. Start mixing it. When youve mixed it, put it in the little cup holders. Then, wait for it to cook until you hear a DING. Put the big sized icing on the cupcake and make it pink. Put 2 snakes on itand then press done. You have cooked a cupcake for DJ Quack!

  • http://sdff- boop

    thanks i got all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) -_-

    • caitlin

      what happens when you get them all?

  • http://sdff- boop

    ! :(

  • Ellen

    Thanks. But only about half of them work. Mr Snoodle comes up alot. Btw if you’re looking to get chop chop use what ever u want but ad a hazelnut as the only decoration

  • moonlight

    thanx it wasawesome

  • Millie

    i cant get chop chop ! and hes my fav character