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Moshi Cupcakes Cheats Codes in Candy Cane Caves

Now, moshi monsters open the Candy Cane Caves is home to Sweet Tooth. To enter it, follow the bottom of monstro city MAP. Go on until arriving at a Cupcake Cavern.

Candy Cane Caves at Moshi Monsters

In Moshi Cupcakes game, play it better.. you will act as a chef to make cupcakes to attract all the Moshlings.

Follow this steps:

- Drag ingredients into the bowl, those on the right are optional.

Make Moshi Cupcakes in Candy Cane Caves

- Grab the spoon when you’re ready to mix then mix everything in the bowl. Turn in a circle until all the dough flat.

- Sweet!! Now you need to fill every cup with the mix. Try not to splat too much!

Make Moshi Cupcakes in Candy Cane Caves

- Perfect!! wait a second. Now decorate your cupcake.

- Pick a colour and click an icing type, do not forget drag and drop toppings on the icing. You can move already placed toppings around.

Make Moshi Cupcakes in Candy Cane Caves

- Ooooh! which moshling will like my cupcake?

- I get Iggy!!

Make Moshi Cupcakes in Candy Cane Caves

As far as I know the Moshlings that can be attracted in this game are; Chop Chop, Squidge, Ecto, Dipsy, Jeepers, White Fang, Sooki-Yaki, Tiki, General Fuzuki, Shelby, DJ Quack, IGGY, Liberty, Mr. Snoodle and McNulty.

Moshi Monsters Candy Cane Caves cheats codes:

Chop Chop
-Cake: Chocolate
-Icing: Medium Swirl Green
-Toppings: 1 Sludge Fudge

-Cake: Plain
-Icing: Big Swirl White
-Toppings: 4 Slopcorn, 2 Cherry, 1 Star Candy

-Cake: Chocolate and Orange
-Icing: Big Swirl Brown
-Toppings: 2 Sludge Fudge, 1 Chocolate Chip

-Cake: Vanilla and Chocolate
-Icing: Thin Splat White
-Toppings: 1 Barfmellow

-Cake: Plain
-Icing: Big Swirl White
-Toppings: 4 Star Candy, 3 Sludge Fudge

-Cake: Plain
-Icing: None
-Toppings: None

-Cake: Chocolate and Vanilla
-Icing: Medium Swirl Pink
-Toppings: None

General Fuzuki
-Cake: Chocolate
-Icing: Big Swirl Green
-Toppings: 1 Chocolate Chip

-Cake: Vanilla
-Icing: Thin Splat Blue
-Toppings: 1 Cherry

DJ Quack
-Cake: Orange
-Icing: Big Swirl Pink
-Toppings: 3 Scummi Worm

-Cake: Plain
-Icing: Big Swirl Green
-Toppings: 4 Sludge Fudge

-Cake: Chocolate
-Icing: Big Swirl Pink
-Toppings: 4 Star Candy

-Cake: Vanilla
-Icing: Thin Splat Brown
-Toppings: 2 Scummi Worm, 1 Cherry

White Fang
-Cake: Vanilla
-Icing: Big Swirl Brown
-Toppings: 1 Cherry, 1 Slopcorn, 1 Star Candy, 1 Sludge Fudge, 1 Scummi Worm, 1 Chocolate Chip, 1 Barfmellow, 1 Nut

Mr Snoodle
-Cake: Vanilla and Orange
-Icing: Thin Splat White
-Toppings: 6 Cherry

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  • mia

    i tried to get chop chop but i got shelby?

    • lucy

      I got the same result …. 14 times? i think wo might be getting trolled here!

    • Emily

      i tried to get cop cop but i get shelby

      • franny

        put orange cake mediam green swirl and 1 nut

    • maddison


    • Aine

      i tried to get chop chop but i got shelby so i tried shelbys ingredients to get chop chop and i still got shelby!!

    • Aine

      Put in orange cake then medium swirl green then put `1 nut on the very top

      It Works I Promise

    • keyna

      Chop Chop needs nuts

  • mia

    Also on mr snoodle i did not do any of that

  • franny

    to get cop cop put orange cake mediam green swirl and 1 nut

    • paulineerin

      chop chop

  • paulineerin

    thanks well some works

  • chloe

    None of these work. Every one I do, it just turns out a different one! This is a joke that just is a fail!!
    And btw, check out another website, they ALL work, except this one..

    • Bree

      Well maybe you done it dont be hatin this site

  • Dylan

    For getting I.G.G.Y u can have vanilla cake, big blue icing, and 6 barfmellows.

    • http://moshimonsters Samantha

      what is the ghost called???

      • kayden


      • kennedi


      • daisydoo8459

        the green ghost is called ecto

  • kayden

    Thankyou, the only trouble I had with the ingrediants are the chop chop one, the rest worked.

  • lilly

    All worked so dont know why everybody is saying they are not

  • Kimana

    Yeh u only need to do everything chocolate to get chop chop

  • Erin McCoy

    i did what it said but it dosent give me chop chop

    • IGGY

      Keep and try Erin, you will get the best..

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  • leila

    thanks so much all of them worked but chop chop but still thanks

  • arrionna campbell

    i tried all but chop chop did not seem to work

  • cuteypatutey

    chop chop is mainly just nuts, and don’t forget mc. nultty, hes a dog, hes a plain cupcake, no frosting, no topping, add me, im monkeyme5665

  • bestfriendalisha4978

    McNutly is easy it is plain and no toppings and no icing

  • brooklyn

    thanks for making this website is gr8 and handy i now have them all thanks xx

  • Cassie Arbour

    Chop chop and Liberty did not work, so I made up my own code to get them.

    • daisydoo8459

      you must have done liberty wrong because i got her right every time either that or you lying to to every one but it’s probaly not that knowing you cassie

    • Guest

      chop chop came out as shelby anyone have the right code

  • lauren

    what happens if you get them all

    • daisydoo8459

      nothing it just says welldone how lame is that you should get a reward

  • 1molly1molly1

    omg all it says is good job when you finish and for chop chop its chocolate cake any frosting all nuts topping add me

  • SamanthaCream

    don’t you get anythingh when you get all the moshlings?

    • daisydoo8459

      no you just get a well done how lame is that you should get a moshling that you can keep so you can show your rewards

  • ferrets10

    for chopchop-thinblue coloured icing on choc, orange and vanilla cake with 2 fudge and 1 nut.

  • daisydoo8459

    for chop chop you need medium white swirl , chocolate flavour cake and three nut s as toppings the morons make you get shelby for chop chop chop so they have obviously lied to us because it’s wrong. no one should try chop chop

  • daisydoo8459

    why do you just get a well done when you complete all the cupcakes