Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Moshi Games Starcade

Play VIDEO GAMES machine in your room, it’s like ding dong. Go to Sludge Street then enter to Games Starcade shop. Sure to buy it you be a moshi member. The price is quite expensive, so collect much rox as possible.

Moshi Games Starcade

Moshi Games Starcade Octo’s Eco Adventure

Keep Monstro City clean! Shoot the trash before it gets in the water, and score big!

Moshi Games Starcade Bugs Big Bounce

Bounce your way to the top of Monstro City and beyond! How high can you make Bug bounce?

Moshi Games Starcade Sea Monster Munch

Chomp your way through as many fish as possible, but be careful not to hit your own tail!

Moshi Games Starcade Downhill Dash

Grab your stunt bike and collect as many stars as you can in this high speed, downhill dash.

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  • http://MoshiMonsters Julia

    Moshi Monsters is the best. You really can do anything in it. You can costumize and play with a virtual monster, buy and costumize your monsters house, play fun Super Moshi missions (if your a member) and grow these awesome plants to attract Moshlings. It’s a fun, exciting game. I have had my account since 2006, am a member and have hundreds of friends.
    My name is: jewel_girl. Add me!! :)

    • Iggy

      wow fantastic.. currently I still have about 144 friends..

  • kristar1625

    add me

  • http://google alyssa4718529630

    hey guys add me and if you have a email address give it to me and i will give you codes for moshlings

  • bustanig