Friday, 19 December 2014

Moshi Monsters Colouring Pages

Many contest that was held specifically for children on holiday in UK and New Zealand including drawing and coloring moshi monsters moshlings.  Try it you see your Moshi Monstro City’s friends aged 13-16 years in London, everything your favorite stuffs would be found in this city. See your friend’s video on Moshi Monsters London Book Signing Party

Moshi Monsters London Book Signing Party

Now,.. we are learning colouring monsters pages like Katsuma, Luvli, Zommer, Poppet, Furi and Diavlo.

Prepare the colored pencils, crayons or markers.  You will need paper glue or double tape for taped on your wall room and show it to your friends!

Just Print Out following sketches:

Moshi Monsters Colouring Pages Moshi Monsters Colouring Pages
Moshi Monsters Colouring Pages Moshi Monsters Colouring Pages
Moshi Monsters Colouring Pages Moshi Monsters Colouring Pages

See the samples below:

Moshi Monsters Logo

Katsuma Moshi Monsters Luvli Moshi Monsters
Diavlo Moshi Monsters Furi Moshi Monsters
Zommer Moshi Monsters Poppet Moshi Monsters

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