Saturday, 20 December 2014

Moshi Monsters Mission Choc-O-Dile Blues Part 1 – Part 3

New Mission called Choc -O- Dile Blues has been released that featuring a new character “Biggie Diddles”. He is a Bon Bon Baron who’s been drilling chocolate in Monstro City.

Biggie Diddles
There is 3 parts of missions you have to complete gradually. On this post we try share the guides from Part 1 to Part 3.

Moshi Monsters Mission Choc-O-Dile Blues Part 1 - Part 3

Usually at the end of Monstro City (in front of The Daily Growl building) we see Roakers make fountain of chocolate with his drill, But today it’s stopped flowing! Also you’ll not see any the Choccie Eggs that is sold in Gross-ery Store.

Now, your mission should rescue a chocolate factory from C.L.O.N.C.

How To Play Mission

In this month, moshi monsters do something new than before. First, go to your moshi house, Click on the “SM” button beside Puzzle button. A new menu will appear and select the Season 3 then click the number 2. Choc-o-dile Blue made up of three short missions (Part 2 & Part 3 will be available soon on this post!). If you completed all got 200 XP, 200 Rox and Free Moshling.

Choc-o-dile Blue Part 1 Guide:

Choc-o-dile Blue Part 2 Guide:

Choc-o-dile Blue Part 3 Guide:

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