Monday, 22 December 2014

Moshi Offer Free Moshlings, ROX and Gift Code

Take your gift on Moshi Monster at Visit that site now and you will get free moshlings and rox through a gift code. According to insider info from Moshi Monster, there will be a new free gift code every months. So be ready and do not go anyway to take your gift here.

Moshi Offer Free Moshlings, ROX and Gift Code

This month, give you a chance to own Blingo moshling. As long as you have the gift code, you can easily redeem that code to get free moshling on Moshi Monster.

Moshling Blingo

By these four easy step, your moshling zoo will receive a new comer, meanwhile your Rox will also increase as well. Once you get the gift code, please go to the to log in. If you do not have any account yet, you simply need to sign up. On the moshi monster log in screen there are three input field which are first field for your username, second field for your password and the third field for redeeming your gift code.

After you finishing fill it out all that fields, then you just have to log in. After you redeem the gift code, go to the seed cart or super seeds to buy a magic seeds and two others seeds. After you have it all, go to your moshling garden and plant those seeds.

Moshi Offer Free Moshlings, ROX and Gift Code

I can share this because of I was already visiting and get the gift code “Djdude456”. Evenmore, I also already redeem that code and get a free moshling. Look at the picture below, who is the moshling with me? Blingo, yes, he is Blingo that several time ago has made a concert with Zack Binspin.

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  • Leah crozier moshi monster name-leahrosecrozier

    I WANT BLINGO! thanks for saying! lol …

    • Charlie (a girl)

      saying what :)

  • dgirlgal

    thx i knew it already and i gave it to my friends!

  • kavana

    any other way i cant get him if you have that busters lost moshling book u should me able to get him twice if you get it send to my e-mali unless u not yahoo

  • Eloise

    I know how to get Roxy just leave a commenet on here or on my moshi monsters eloise1237890

    Eloise Murray :)

    • Paige-Rose

      how do you get roxy
      If you don’t know how to get snookumas here is how you get it
      Any three star blossom

    • Paige-Rose


      If you don’t know how to get snookumas here is how you get it
      Any three star blossom.Roses1972 Is my moshi monster user.

      • Paige-Rose

        Please tell me how to get roxy

  • terragoterra

    moshlings are awesome

    • dream30

      yeah i know they are infact they are amence

  • Rosalie


  • grace


    • aaron

      grace you need to be a member!

  • grace

    i got blingo

  • wowowowow

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! u need to be a mohimember to get him !!!!!!!!! :-( but ill try anyway THX ;-)

  • jude

    moshlings are great i love them

  • Luvli

    Add me please lovelyluvli1219 or blake3673

    • Charlie (a girl)

      how old are u

      • zainab


  • Charlie (a girl)

    How do u get Gracie the icescating moshling and do u have to be a member to get her.

    • aaron

      graceie hasn’t came yet sorry!

  • samah

    thxs I already have blingo and now I can give it to my friends!

  • sarah weingartner

    i love moshi’s.They are awesome

  • Chloe Herbert

    your all right moshlings are grate i myself are on moshi monsters and have twenty one moshlings

  • mr nobody

    you dont have to be a member for blingo you just need to get rid of one of your moshling so you just need to go in to your garden plant the plant with two other plants and wait and you should have blingo i have got him

  • im mr crazy

    hi ive got blingo

    • kaia

      whats the code

  • http://holland maryam

    hi visit me im maryammoussui
    pleas gif me a gift i have roxy im not a moshi member

    • james bond :-D

      if i add you i will give you a gift

  • zainab

    mosh monsters are great

  • zainab

    and i have blingo

  • aaron

    I had Roxy but gave her away for Stanley.

  • james bond :-D

    It really works it rocks GO MOSHI MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!
    Add me and i will give you codes: platypusguy1

  • aaron

    To get Roxy the code is :hobiedidacne.Blingo code is djdude34. Then plant your 2 seeds Roxy first then Blingo with 2 star blossoms with each of the seed then you have Roxy and Blingo on the online game and watch out for mash up cards of them and the figure types of them .Make sure you get it right!

  • william

    please tell more

    • william

      please tell me how to get dustbin bibier

  • aaron

    William if you want Dustbin Beaver subscribe to the moshi mag there is codes and much more 2!

  • aaron

    To get stanley you need any2loveberrys and any hotsillypepper

  • aaron


  • http://googlechrome incredible hulk

    im begging youu please tell me how to get dustbin bever im dyin and cryin dont you feel sorry for me.

  • Bec

    Does tingaling exist?