Friday, 19 December 2014

Moshi Offer Free Moshlings, ROX and Gift Code

Take your gift on Moshi Monster at Visit that site now and you will get free moshlings and rox through a gift code. According to insider info from Moshi Monster, there will be a new free gift code every months. So be ready and do not go anyway to take your gift here.

Moshi Offer Free Moshlings, ROX and Gift Code

This month, give you a chance to own Blingo moshling. As long as you have the gift code, you can easily redeem that code to get free moshling on Moshi Monster.

Moshling Blingo

By these four easy step, your moshling zoo will receive a new comer, meanwhile your Rox will also increase as well. Once you get the gift code, please go to the to log in. If you do not have any account yet, you simply need to sign up. On the moshi monster log in screen there are three input field which are first field for your username, second field for your password and the third field for redeeming your gift code.

After you finishing fill it out all that fields, then you just have to log in. After you redeem the gift code, go to the seed cart or super seeds to buy a magic seeds and two others seeds. After you have it all, go to your moshling garden and plant those seeds.

Moshi Offer Free Moshlings, ROX and Gift Code

I can share this because of I was already visiting and get the gift code “Djdude456”. Evenmore, I also already redeem that code and get a free moshling. Look at the picture below, who is the moshling with me? Blingo, yes, he is Blingo that several time ago has made a concert with Zack Binspin.

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  • Bec

    Add me I’m a member-galzrock39 or add my non member-Brooklyn3912

    • http://hfbdc tas

      hi my name is tas and i will tell u a code it is brainy101 i am a member lol xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      • http://ibk samantha

        Thats cool

  • kaia

    how do u get roxy and blingo

    • James9

      for roxy you type in HOBBIDIDANCE and for blingo DJDUDE456 I hope that helped

      • asiagirl987

        How do u get Lady GooGoo?

        • Tijana Turic

          You have to be a moshi member and do misson 3 or somethink

        • jessie

          u need 2 do a mishon

  • shea

    i know how to get 1000 rox if you need it the code is mosidosh

  • tori

    tell me how to get moshiling

  • bfgkyu

    u smell! hehe lol kidin

    • http://hfbdc bf


  • http://uriuri zainab

    and im stupid

  • http://ghg shhhhh

    i know blingos code its djdude….

  • dacia

    please tell me how to get cleo

    • lucy cleo

      dacia i no how to get cleo

      • jojomaia2001xx


  • Haaris

    If you need blingo the code is: DJDude456

  • alice brown

    add me on moshi monsters my name is

  • niamh

    do you need a secret code heres one djdude456

  • lucy cleo

    i no calis code to get cali

    • PEARL


  • lucy cleo

    i no all the moshis codes to get em

    • jojomaia2001xx


  • lucy cleo

    thanks for blingo’s code even though i already no it

  • moshi Aaron Healey


  • http://uk smelly782

    if you want a poster of all the moshling type this out:

  • luke

    how do we get humpfrey

  • ? sheld0n2345

    i got the Sporties Moshling he,s awsome

    • jag_00

      can you tell me how to get him? please!:)

  • http://hfbdc tas

    tell me codes for rox plzzz

  • James9

    who is the sporties moshling

    • cache778899

      pocito and i have got him

  • http://mum SAMEY2233

    a code is dr strange glove5

  • pointy11180

    i no who the sportie moshling is it is procito and the teeth one is rolfi

  • asiagirl987

    Can u do a new one now??!!

  • Josh

    add me moshiWolf7

  • taz

    hi my name is toiletroll08 on moshi monsers code

  • Omer

    hi how r u ok blingo code is djdude456 ok ah im not member ok plz nothing work all super seeds plz help me ok add me omer123456789123:)

  • http://angelaandshaun emma


  • http://efwfr wcrec

    it works

  • colten


  • colten

    i love moshimonstrs