Monday, 22 December 2014

Moshling Jeepers The Snuggly Tiger Cub Inside Info

Moshling Jeepers did not look ferocious, although derived from Set Beasties and rarity is rare. You enough clever to catch this moshling easily. He very unique sharp because has yellow color with black stripes as a tiger of Monstro City. He wear brown shoes also his cheeks pink because always smiling.

Moshling Jeepers #073 The Snuggly Tiger Cub Inside Info

How to get Moshling Jeepers #073 is buy seeds and plant in your moshi garden with combination:
Any Love Berries+Blue Snap Apple+Red Crazy Daisy

If correct it happen like picture below:

Moshling Jeepers #073 The Snuggly Tiger Cub Inside Info

Although their camouflage is useless, it’s pretty difficult for a normal monster to spot a snuggly tiger cub because they seldom stray beyond the lush foliage of the Barmy Swami Jungle.

Glam rock and having their tummies scratched.

Water pistols and flea collars.

Have it feels on safari at the moshlings zoo

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  • alexf2222

    how do you get nipper i want he soooo mu7ch so i can complete a set of moshlings

  • Thomas

    I’ve not got a membership but i sooooooo want Jeepers.

  • http://fhgfnn EB1d


    • rhino

      here all you have to do is subscribe to the moshi monsters magazine which you can find out how to do bye getting one magazine pretty easy then you plant the seed and two other random seeds wait one day and there you hjave him :)

  • rhino

    well first you need to have a ds then you get the moshling zoo ds game then you just get the code from the ds game (which is in the case of the game)and you write in the code its only one time use and thenn you plant the seed it gives you and you wait and you have to plant two other seeds at the same time (which doesnt matter which ones they are)and you wait one day and you have him i hope it helped bye:)

    • rhino

      hi me :):(

  • Ana

    Eb1d code for Dustin Beaver is giftisland123.
    Alexf2222 code for nipper is 90 nipper boot.
    Add me Im akivolidevilka.