Monday, 22 December 2014

Moshling Tingaling the Luckies set

Tingaling moshling #63 rare has species Lucky Maneki Neko, She is a white cat with cute black eyes she has a bell around her neck.

Tingaling Moshling #63

How to get moshling Tingaling? unfortunately she has not been released yet in Monstro City but I hear gossip to attract her you need moshlings combination any Hot Silly Pepper, Black Crazy Daisy, Yellow Snap Apple.

You must moshi member first to catch Tingaling. When released I will give detail info to you about her.

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  • http://moshimonsters zoe

    tingaling has how do you get her jeese get it right

    • charlotte

      get it right!!

    • http://643583975 princess victora


  • billiejo

    can i please have tingling

  • charlotte

    i need tingling either get her released or i will be MAD!!! and you not wanna see that

  • princess victora

    pls tell me who to get tingaling .i can help u in a lots of things and give u some new released coeds and links so my name in moshimonster is : cherriprincess1

  • nintendogspluscats

    ik how to get a tingling to get tingling go to season 2 in moshi missions and go to the curse of the paw waving kitten or whatever its called and complete it and collect tingling

  • nintendogspluscats

    btw for proof look at my messages my account is nintendogspluscats just look at my messages


    how much is it


    how much is it