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Moshlings Cheats

All moshlings combinations are divided into 4 categories: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Ultra Rare.  If you are a newbie member or new player should first read my previous post which explains detaily about moshlings. Moshi monsters moshlings codes are easy to find, many of the Moshi who use the following list:

Common moshlings

002 Chop Chop (Ninja monkey) Any three dragon blossoms

003 Gingersnap (Engineer cat) Any magic, any love, any pepper

008 Squidge (flying fluffball) Any star, any pepper, any dragon

010 Snookums (baby dinosaur) Any 3 stars

013 DJ quack (duck) Any dragon, any moon, any star

018 Stanley (seahorse) any 2 love and any dragon

020 Purdy (pink cat) Any dragon, any moon, any dragon

023 *Humphrey (hippo) any daisy, any magic, any pepper

024 Angel (winged unicorn) any magic any pepper any pepper

Uncommon moshlings

027 Kissy (baby ghost) Purple star, blue/yellow star, red/purple/yellow/black magic

030 Lady meowford (white cat) Blue moon, pink moon, yellow/purple star

o34 Dipsy (pink cloud) red/pink moon, black/yellow moon, yellow love

039 Shelby (turtle) black dragon, blue dragon, yellow/blue magic

040 Doris (rhino thing) any 3 moons apart from blue

043 Blurp (pufferfish) Purple moon, pink love, black love/blue moon

047 Sooki-Yaki (ninja cat) Purple pepper, red magic, yellow magic OR Red magic yellow/purple magic black pepper

048 *Priscilla (horse) Yellow apple, red moon, blue moon

Rare moshling

050 Pooky (dinosaur) Black magic, yellow magic, blue magic

052 *Coolio (Ice cream cone) pink apple, yellow star, any love

053 Fumble (starfish)Red star, yellow love, red star/yellow magic OR yellow love, blue star, yellow magic

054 Flumpy (fuzzball)  Black moon, red magic, red star

056 Mr. Snoodle (elephant) Red pepper, purple magic, blue pepper

057 *Honey (bunny) Yellow love, blue apple, purple magic

059 Hansel (gingerbread man) Blue/purple dragon, black magic, black moon

060 Ecto (ghost) Red love, black love, pink/yellow/blue pepper

065 Tiki (toucan) Red/purple star, pink love, red love OR purple love, blue star, red love

071 Peppy (penguin) Red/black moon, purple moon, yellow magic

072 Cali (mermaid) Blue love, pink/purple magic, yellow love

073 *jeepers (tiger) Pink love, red/pink daisy, blue apple

074 Prof. purplex (owl) red / blue/yellow dragon, pink love, yellow moon

Ultra rare moshlings

077 Waldo (nerdy cat) Pink love, purple/black dragon, red star

078 *burnie (dragon) Red apple, red apple, blue daisy

079 Gigi (unicorn) Blue pepper, red moon, yellow pepper

082 General Fuzuki (samuri) Yellow love, purple star, red pepper

083 Gurgle (pteradactyl) Red dragon, yellow magic, purple love

087 *Shishi (panda) Black daisy, yellow pepper, red dragon

088 Oddie (doughnut) Yellow star, black star, Purple star (you will probably get snookums first try)

089 Big bad bill (witch doctor) Yellow love, black star, blue star

091 *cutie pie (cupcake) pink star, blue dragon, purple daisy

100 *I.G.G.Y. (fuzz ball that bites your mouse) Purple daisy, purple daisy, black moon

Previously I ‘ve written some moshi monsters cheats is quite popular in use today, I hope those tips can help you. If you are a true moshi maybe have a lot of experience that can be share to other members and further add to the friendship among online virtual worlds community.

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  • devin

    hi hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooowwwwwwww do u get roxy it wont let me

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      i have got roxy

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        wow your pretty smart to figure out how.

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    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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    how do you get two moshlings at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • help!

    how do i get whitefang, ive looked on several sites and have all had several diffrent answers, please help! really want him:)xx

    • bob812345

      red moon orchid red magig bean and any crazy daisy 4 whitefang

  • lucy

    how do you get roxy i went on can you hlep me

    • ariadne

      and for an extra if you want blingo just enter in DJDUDE456 it works no jokes and if you dont believe me just try it will only take you 30 secconds.

      • jhukbhfk

        i did it but no truew

  • Zuffin

    To get Roxy you need to type HOBBIDIDANCE in to the secret code when logging in. You then recieve a flower called the
    Radiant Roxy Rose. Plant it with any two other flowers and wait for them to grow. You will then have Roxy! Oh, and the flowers (as always), should NOT be rox flowers. Hope I helped! :)

  • sunny3245678

    some one add me on sunny3245678 i know how to get blingo if anyone needs him if you do go on my moshi monsters and send me a message

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  • http://MOSHIMONSTERS icesugar789


  • vampirexox1

    How do you get lady googoo?

    • ariadne

      complete the 1st moshi mission

      • jhukbhfk

        no only baby rox

  • http://moshimonsters buster

    i am buster

  • http://moshimonster ryan33221

    how do u get blingo

  • Angela

    Thanks so much! My daughter really wanted Iggy and I got it!

  • Nattali

    How do u get mini ben????????? I need to know RIGHT NOW!!!!

    • bob812345

      u get miniben by 3 black snapapples

  • Nattali

    Thanks a lot for all the codes!! Do you know how to get blingo??

    • ariadne

      enter in DJDUDE456 as a modpod code

  • Nattali

    This is VERY hepful but it is in need of MAJOR updates…

  • Nattali

    @ vampirexox1: A moshi member mission

    @ icesugar789: I do 2

    @ sunny3245678: has anyone used it cause its a 1 use only code

    plz peeps friend me i am mjloverextreme



    • ariadne

      to get lady goo goo you need to complete moshi mission 1

  • http://MoshiMonstersandHowrse Siobhan

    How do you get the moshling above the turtle moshling in the cupcake game?
    Message me if you know at siobhanlol

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    If anyone wants blingo enter in the code: DJDUDE456, in the modpod code box

  • dustbin beber123

    when i do oddies combanation i keep on getting snookums

  • dustbin beber123

    my name on moshi monsters is taradactyl123.when i keep trying to get oddie i keep on getting snookums i keep on doing star star star but it won’t work sad

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