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What are moshlings? When you first start the Moshi monsters sign in steps, you have to adopt a monsters such as Katsuma, Diavlo, Furi, Zommer, Poppet or Luvli.  Well.. then they will catch the moshling later while doing adventure.

Okay I will give you explanation. Moshlings are small/tiny pets for your monsters, or you can call them a funny creature characters as the second actor of the game moshi monsters.  In the wild place they are a lot around Monstro City and easy to find and catch.  One thing, they really love the flowers, so when you grow the correct ones,  they will become your life long friends.

I love Poppet because she’s very funny.  There was one incident when opening my account I see the Poppet sudden cry, but I laugh to see the snot always out of her nose.. ha.. ha.. From this it seems that the expression of a monster really looks real and you will feel both sad and happy.

How can I get a Moshling?

Look your garden from the map and grow 3 flowers. When they’ve grown you’ll see if you’ve attracted a Moshling. If you have not, do not worry, the Cluekoo can help you out. Some Moshlings are easy to catch and will be attracted by any colour of flower, but the really rare Moshlings are picky, so you can only attract them if you get the exact flower colour right.

Moshling and Flowers 040 - Doris (Uncommon)

Look at the moshlings pictures collection, you can make it wallpaper on your room, computer desktop or photo album.

Moshlings Wallpaper

Wallpaper size ( 1181p x 984 pixel ) – you can enlarge this images


Medium size (500 × 313 pixel)


Medium size (500 × 354 pixel)


You can found the seeds on the Moshling seed cart in Main Street, in between Yukea and the Gross-ery Store. They can also be found at The Port in the Super Seeds shops ( for Moshi members only) The seeds are: Hot Silly Peppers, Star Blossom, Moon Orchid, Dragon Fruit, Magic Beans, Love Beries, Snap Apple (Members only) and Crazy Daisy (Members only).

Note: You can’t get moshlings with Rox flowers

Port moshlings so far: Humphrey, Priscilla, Coolio, Jeepers, Bernie, ShiShi, IGGY, Honey, Cutie Pie.

Currently I know the number of moshlings there are 55 animals divided into 12 species: Spookies, Birdies, Kitties, Foodies, Ninjas, Worldies, Ponies, Fishies, Dinos, Beasties, Fluffies, Puppies. They name according to its shape.

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    hey how do you get blingo i know the code but it won’t work and everyone is talking about bust lost book or something and i just really want to get blingo:(

  • Melanie

    Colors matter!
    – You can’t get moshlings with Rox flowers
    – “/” means “or”
    – Italics means its a port moshling and you’ll need a Daisy and/or an Apple

    Port moshlings so far: Humphrey, Priscilla, Coolio, Jeepers, Burnie, ShiShi, IGGY, Honey, Cutie Pie

    002 Chop Chop (ninja monkey) >> any 3 Dragons
    003 Gingersnap (beat up cat) >> any Magic + any Love + any Pepper
    007 Fifi (white poodle) >> any Magic + any Dragon + any Pepper
    008 Squidge (a fluffy flying thing) >> any Star + any Pepper + any Dragon
    010 Snookums (Dinosaur) >> any 3 Star
    013 Dj Quack (duck) >> any Dragon + any Moon + any Star
    018 Stanley (seahorse) >> any 2 Love + any 1 Dragon
    020 Purdy (pink fluffy cat) >> any Dragon + any Moon + any Dragon
    *023 Humphrey (Hippo) >> any Daisy + any Magic + any Pepper
    024 Angel (unicorn/pegasus) >> any Magic + any Pepper + any Pepper

    027 Kissy (baby ghost) >> Black/Red Star + Purple Star + Yellow Magic /OR/ Purple Star + Blue/Yellow Star + Red/Purple/Yellow/Black Magic
    *028 Rocky (Easter Island) >> Any Love + Any Pepper + Pink Daisy
    030 Lady Meowford (white cat) >> Blue Moon + Pink Moon + Yellow/Purple Star/Black Star /OR/ Yellow Moon + Blue Moon + Blue Star /OR/ Blue Moon + Blue Moon + Purple Star
    034 Dipsy (cloud) >> Red/Pink/Blue Moon + Black/Yellow Moon + Yellow Love
    *039 McNulty >> (black and brown puppy) >> any Apple + Purple Star + any Apple
    039 Shelby (turtle) >> Blue Dragon + Black Dragon + Yellow/Blue/Purple Magic
    040 Doris (Rhinosaurus) >> any 3 Moons (except blue)
    043 Blurp (blowfish) >> Purple Moon + Pink Love + Black Love/Blue Moon
    047 Sooki-Yaki (Ninja Cat) >> Purple Pepper + Red Magic + Yellow Magic /OR/ Red Magic + Yellow/Purple Magic + Black Pepper
    *048 Priscilla (horse with a tiara) >> Yellow Apple + Red Moon + Blue Moon

    050 Pooky (dinosaur) >> Red Moon + Purple Magic + Red Magic
    *052 Coolio (Icecream) >> Pink Apple + Yellow Star + Black Love
    053 Fumble (starfish) >> Red/Purple Star + Yellow love + Yellow Magic
    054 Flumpy (pluff) >> Black Moon + Red Magic + Red Star
    *055 White Fang (fluffy husky) >> Red Magic + Red Moon + any Daisy
    056 Mr. Snoodle (Elephant) >> Yellow Dragon + Purple Pepper + Yellow Pepper
    *057 Honey (Rabbit) >> Red/Blue Magic + Yellow Love + Blue Apple
    059 Hansel (gingerbread man) >> Blue/Purple Dragon + Black Magic + Black Moon
    060 Ecto (ghost) >> Red Love + Black Love + Pink/Yellow/Blue Pepper
    061 Liberty (statue of liberty) >> Any Love + Black Love + Red Love
    065 Tiki (toucan aka the fruit loops bird) >> Red/Purple Star + Pink Love + Red Love
    071 Peppy Penguin (penguin) >> Blue Moon + Yellow Magic + Red Moon /OR/ Black Moon + Purple Moon + Yellow Magic
    072 Cali (mermaid) >> Blue Love + Pink/Purple Magic + Yellow Love
    *073 Jeepers (Tiger) >> Pink Love Berries + Red/ Pink Daisy + Blue Apple /OR/ Black Love+ Red/Pink Daisy+ Blue Apple
    074 Prof. Purplex (owl) >> Red/Blue/Yellow Dragon + Pink Love + Yellow Moon

    077 Waldo (nerdy cat-looks like a Squirrel) >> Pink Love + Purple/Black Dragon + Red Star
    *078 Burnie (Dragon) >> Red Apple + Red Apple + Blue Daisy
    079 Gigi (unicorn) >> Blue Pepper + Red Moon + Yellow Pepper
    *080 Cleo (pyramid) >> Pink Daisy + Blue Daisy + Yellow Apple
    082 General Fuzukie (warrior) >> Yellow Love + Purple Star + Red Pepper
    083 Gurgle (dragon) >> Red Dragon + Yellow Magic + Purple Love
    084 Scamp (frog dog) >> Blue Moon + Black Apple + Pink Dragon
    *087 ShiShi (panda) >> Black Daisy + Yellow Pepper + Red Dragon
    088 Oddie (sprinkled doughnut) >> Yellow Star + Black Star + Purple Star /OR/ (untested) Yellow Star + Black Star + Blue Star
    089 Big Bad Bill (VooDoo guy) >> Yellow Love + Black Star + Blue Star
    *091 Cutie Pie (Cup Cake) >> Pink Star + Purple Daisy + Blue Dragon /OR/ (the following are untested) Pink star + Blue Daisy + Blue Dragon /OR/ Red Apple + 2 Pink Daisys
    *097 Mini Ben (big ben) >> Black Apple + Black Apple + Black Apple
    *100 IGGY (floating purple loading guy) >> Purple Daisy + Purple Daisy + Black Moon

    **These are all the moshling codes.

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    im trying to get oddie and i need a black star blossum how long do you leave it on for? add me- zemonster2222

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