Friday, 19 December 2014

Secret Rox Trees on The Port

When visiting The Port we could find the secret of 7 rox trees, three of them slightly concealed. Very enjoyable to be a premium member because I can collect rox more faster and much.

The trick shake every tree and wait for rox fell to the ground, then take rox as soon as possible before taken by another monster who happens to pass in front of the tree.  If late to do that you will get small rox points.

Here 7 rox trees from left side scrolled to right screen:

Secret Rox Trees on The Port

Secret Rox Trees on The Port

Secret Rox Trees on The Port

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  • abigail

    thank you for that!

    • Iggy

      you are very welcome.

  • summerrocks111176

    i really love moshimonsters

  • lucy

    so can you wite back i don’t no how to get roxy i read the text and i don’t get it

  • http://moshimonsters thunder2021

    moshimonsters rock i got cherrybomb roxy ladygoogoo holga wurly chop chop and snookums

  • rose

    im not a member yo

  • Liam

    This sucks,go get a life

  • Buster Bumblechops

    Ah yes, I love rox.

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    Super Moshis now!

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