Thursday, 18 December 2014

Super Moshi Mission 5 – Pop Goes the GooGoo

Today I am receive message for 5th mission on moshi monsters that must be resolved at the Volcano HQ. Lady GooGoo has lost her voice! Buster Bumblechops thinks that Strangelove might be behind it. The Super Moshi must investigate!

Super Moshi Mission 5 - Pop Goes the Lady GooGoo

If you are member when get message from elder Katsuma, just go to Volcano HQ and select this mission. Buster Bumblechops say simply terrible about Lady GooGoo was in the middle of another sold out concert…Someone stole her voice! Last week, she was promoting her new album, “Born Yesterday”. Currently Simon Growl looking after her. For that I believe he must have taken her to Growl mansion. He got his roarkers to build a dressing room for her at the very top of his mansion.

I am very sad because she kept crying:

Super Moshi Mission 5 - Pop Goes the GooGoo

We want she be happy, look around the room and take a bottle, dummy baby pacifier and rattle. Give all three items to her, and play baby music by clicking speaker box above Lady GooGoo’s head.

Talk to her for get information, you will get a clue.  See the picture of underground disco then investigate this case!!

Super Moshi Mission 5 - Pop Goes the GooGoo

On the next place you must discover the underground tunnels as brand new secret area. I know you’re an expert in uncover some MAJOR C.L.O.N.C clues, including the name of yet ANOTHER C.L.O.N.C mastermind. Then guessed it, rescue a brand new Moshling too! Okay..

Watch and follow the instructions at Video Tutorial below:

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  • Melanie

    HI!! :) i go on moshi monsters so can you tell me how to pass misson five? whenever i have to defeat the robots it just freezes. send me a friend request and say i’m the person you wanted help from. also only send me how to pass the robot part on moshi monsters, not the e-mail.
    my username is racquelflower27. THANX!!!

  • http://hotmail fran

    hey yeah can you help me to cuz mine freezes when i play tht robo game add me on moshi monsetrs im called cherrykitty678

  • ana

    Same as above pc freezes when we get to robo part.
    add me. fairypixie add me and give me some tips pleaSE

  • http://moshimonsters kieran

    plase will you get nipper and gabby the moshlings my user name is nike4497886 and pass blablabla

  • britt

    same as all the other ppl mine keeps frezzing can u plzz except LaxGirl1099…and plzz give me tips:) thnx

  • http://moshimonsters lottie

    its a cheeting way it does not work unless you pay

  • http://moshimonsters Katie

    ya well when i get 2 the robot part the lab goes a sorta light black. It always does that, but music still plays in the backround

  • http://Jenisecruz Jenise c

    Your cumputer might have a computer virus

  • annabelle

    yer it happen’s to me too katie, exactly what happens yours happens to mine…… and by the way lottie….. what do you mean “pay”….. pay what my moshimember fee’s oh and by the way i’m bellarox990 :P :P

  • http://moshimonsters sophie

    mine also freezes i really dont know what to do because i keep logging of and tryin it again but it still doesnt work

  • Lewis

    Same here! has anyone found an answer to this yet? PLease let me know ‘lewro’.

  • madison

    Hi! :D Yeah mine kept on freezeing too! its been doing that for 3 days :( I dont know why! It may be a glitch? i dunno :\ HELPPPPPP!!!!! if you know an answer, add me xmaddie :)

  • Ipwn

    Wtf mine is freezing right at last part of robo quack

  • Ipwn

    YYYYYYYY?! >:(


    mine always freezes too, add me: oscarborder im a purple furi :).

  • http://moshimonsters abbeyb123

    Hi! can you plz plz help me deafet the robots! send me a friend reqest! my name is abbeyb123.

    from abbeyb123

  • madison

    yeah myne keep freezing at the end of Robo quacks or whatever its called STILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL add me xmaddie :D

  • http://moshimonsters jade

    hi my friend anna has passed it and is now on mission 6 and is on level 11 and is 5 !!! add her annawheeler and me preetypinkcat1 xxxxxx <3

    • Anaquin

      hi my ferind anna has passed it and is now on mission 6 and is on level 11 and is 5 !!! add her annawheeler and me preetypinkcat1 xxxxxx <3

  • http://moshimonsters abbeyb123

    I know clik on the bottom bit where the music is comming out of!!! :>

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    moshi is a good game but dasngrs if you don’t know how to paly it don’t try I tilled to (I know that i have lot of spilling don’t that good but that my job i am a poless man and I am from torky it is very nica. sammy

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