Sunday, 21 December 2014

Super Moshi Mission #6 Season 2 Guides to Get Moshling Bobbi SingSong

New Moshi Monsters Super Moshi mission #6 Season 2 was released called  Welcome to Jollywood. Elder Furi is missing you must find him and second task is help moshling Bobbi SingSong.

I show off this tutorial because among of your friends have trouble to completed part of this season 2, such as they asked me: “On super moshi mission 6 where do the books go? I can’t pick up diary what happen?

My answers: Just see the book shelf to the left of the octopus green thing, so you can put book on the shelf row 2. If you cannot pick up diary, my friend told me try to shutdown your computer for a while minutes then back online login moshi monsters with different computer. Go back on mission I think you should pick up the diary again.

Some confusion when find a Key. In the dorm check out a bookshelf, you can take the key on it. Make sure you put earplus before the 2nd night. Use your key to enter the creepy green door in during night. Ok, let’s see how to get moshi monsters moshling Bobbi SingSong !

Super Moshi Mission #6 Season 2 Welcome to Jollywood video guide:

The Epics Guide:

Completed this mission then Splutnik is awake, you have clever thinking! You showed Big Chief Tiny Head who could dance. Elder Furi is back! here is Moshling Bobbi SingSong #112.

Moshling Bobbi SingSong

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