Saturday, 20 December 2014

Super Moshi Season 2 Mission 3 Bungle in The Jungle

[mpoverlay]I had promised earlier when writing about moshling Woolly the Titchy Tusked Mammoth too make tutorial about Super Moshi Season 2 Mission 3 Bungle in The Jungle. First open your MAP go to Music Island then see The Unknown Zone!

The Unknown Zone - Music Island Moshi Monsters

Enter UFO Crash plane, You will be meet a Zoshling called Captain Squirk ask him!! The Gombala Gombala jungle is alive with Hoodoo Hijinks! Could they hold the key to helping the Zoshling get home?

He found an anonymous note leading to the ship’s missing Ignition Key!

Super Moshi Season 2 Mission 3 Bungle in The Jungle

You are so curious to investigate it! then you will talk a lot with Big Bad Bill moshling. He give you secret stories… The ancient trial, Hoodoo Pongoo! hah.. its only a ping pong game, you must win scored 3:0 first. Big big win, strange one. Hoodoo Book Recipes is yours! Now, explore Gombala Gombala Jungle exactly from Unknown Zone, Walla Walla Watering Hole and Snaggletooth Swamp to bring back ingredients. Look at recipe book any time. Drag book to monster.

in Unknown Zone creepy crawlies are hiding everywhere, take nuclear frog beside you! After that go to Bill’s Snaggletooth Swamp Help the Sprockett and Hubbs then talk to them!

Next tutorial from beginning to finish, follow all video directions on above, my friend told clearly and very easy to understand step by step by you. Now, I think you have secret how to get moshling wolly – the titchy tusked mammoth, congratulation.[/mpoverlay]

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